John is dynamic, humorous, and inspirational but he also has something to say!



It’s more than a talk. “Ray” is a lived experience of touching hearts and opening minds.


John’s dramatic portrayal of Ray, a homeless person, transforms the way people see each other and themselves.

After removing his disguise, John engages the audience through his storytelling with the lessons he’s learned from more than twenty-five years of portraying his character.

Ray, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover is designed for PUBLIC SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES. John addresses some of the challenges facing young people including bullying, prejudice, character, self-esteem, and other social emotional issues. Everyone has a story and is deserving of respect. (see promotional video on homepage)

Ray, Jesus in Distressing Disguise is designed for CHURCHES & PRIVATE SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES. John brings the gospel messages of faith, hope, and love into his stories emphasizing social justice and human dignity. Everyone is made in the image and likeness of the creator and therefore deserving of respect and compassion.




When speaking to public schools, John teaches positive character attributes impacting the whole child helping to develop a positive school climate and culture. John never attempts to spread religious messaging when speaking to non-faith-based schools or organizations. He respects and defends the separation of church and state. Topics for all grades, faculty, and parents include:

  • Respect and Kindness

  • Responsibility

  • Civility and Empathy

  • Social Awareness

  • Good Decision Making

  • Relationship Skills





When speaking to faith communities, John inspires others to become authentic disciples with a contagious faith.

  • Parish Missions

  • Catholic School Assemblies

  • Sacramental Talks

  • Student Retreats

  • Faculty, Staff and Catechist Retreats

  • Programs especially for Lasallian Communities