John is regularly told that his AUTHENTICIY, his being REAL, is what most attracts audiences to him and his message!




“To have the ability to hold over 600 students from various schools and backgrounds riveted in their seats shows just how moving and necessary John’s presentation is. John connects with both students and adults asking them to consider prejudices, bullying, stereotypes, and self-esteem and lets each person in the room know that they are worthy of dignity and respect and that everyone we meet is worthy of that as well.” -Kimberly Zimmerman, Teen Showcase

"I have been recommending John for 20 years because he is a slam-dunk. As John, or as “Ray”, he makes an indelible impact on young and old alike. He is an inspirational speaker at the very top of his game." -Mike Elkins, Executive Director, Cebrin Goodman Center

“Amazing. I’ve never seen 450 sixth graders stay so focused for 80 minutes before. John had such an effect on the students.” -Julie Pytko, Faculty, Indian Trail Jr High, Addison IL

“John, Maine West was definitely talking the highest things about you as soon as you left! Thank you for opening our eyes! SO inspired!” -Jincy Joseph, Student, Des Plaines, IL

“John has literally changed lives at Keller.” -Sue Mayernick, Principal, Keller Jr High, Schaumburg, IL

"John Grossman’s portrayal of Ray gives youth a unique perspective of not only the issue of homelessness, but also reminds every one of us that unless we walk in their shoes, we are not equipped to place judgment on a fellow human being." -Sara Howe, Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association, CEO





“John Donahue-Grossman possesses the unique ability to clearly reflect the power of the Spirit in a most practical and relatable manner, which so clearly touches the hearts and minds of those to whom he speaks.” -Matt Meehan, Vice Principal of Student Affairs & Theology Department, Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, New Jersey

“John has the uncanny ability to reach out to our students and combine the message of love and our Catholic faith in a straightforward, honest, and thought-provoking way.” -Kathleen Gorman, Principal, St. John of the Cross, Western Springs

"John is a master storyteller who is able to touch the hearts of young people. It was a blessing to attend 2 of his workshops." -Brother Edward Shields, FSC, Campus Minister, St. Raymond High School for Boys

“John was able to keep everyone's attention from the youngest to the oldest in the congregation. The people of our parish were talking about John's presentation weeks after the event. We look forward to having him back. “ -Tami Palladino; Youth Minister, St. Charles Church, San Carlos, CA

“John provides an abundance of practical tools, has an engaging style for both youth and adults, and most importantly a love for our Lord and our Church. I promise he will inspire, surprise, and delight.” -Maria (Cooky) Perez-Eraci; Archdiocese of Chicago

“John is smart, humorous, and creative. But, most importantly, John has something to say to the Church. I recommend him with the utmost confidence.” -Frank Mercadante; Executive Director, Cultivation Ministries

“John Donahue-Grossman captures the Lasallian Core Principals through his ‘Jesus in Distressing Disguise’ talk and Leadership workshop. Students at De la Salle High School in Concord were completely mesmerized by his message and delivery.” -Mary Hassett, Associate Campus Minister, De La Salle High School, Concord CA