Lasallian Presentations

From his early Lasallian formation at Driscoll Catholic High School, John has been passionate about our core principles and values. Since 2010, he has served as Director of Retreats at La Salle Manor Retreat Center in Plano, Illinois. He has been a keynote presenter for major Lasallian conferences such as the Huether Conference, DENA Lasallian Youth Summer Assembly at Manhattan College, and Lasallian Student Leader Conference at St. Mary’s College. 

Lasallian High Schools John has spoken to:


  • Delasalle Institute, Chicago, IL
  • Lasalle High School, Cincinnati, OH
  • Montini Catholic, Lombard IL
  • De La Salle High School, Concord, CA
  • St. Patrick High School, Chicago IL
  • Central High School, Pittsburgh PA
  • St. Joseph High School, Westchester IL
  • Mullen High School, Denver CO
John was a highlight of our week-long leadership training experience. He connected with students in an authentic way and kept them intrigued, engaged, and learning his entire three-hour session. His understanding and appreciation of the Lasallian Educational Mission and Lasallian Charism made his presentation immediately relevant to our participants. His approach to bringing to life Gospel values made his message and lesson tangible for our participants. I would recommend him strongly, especially to any Lasallian Ministry, looking for a fresh and creative voice to help spread the Good News to their students.
— Heather M. Ruple Gilson, Director, Young Lasallians, District of San Francisco New Orleans
John Donahue-Grossman captures the Lasallian Core Principals through his ‘Jesus in Distressing Disguise’ talk and Leadership workshop. Students at De la Salle High School in Concord were completely mesmerized by his message and delivery.
— Mary Hassett, Associate Campus Minister, De La Salle High School, Concord CA
After experiencing John’s leadership of our faculty retreat on the Twelve Virtues of Lasallian Spirituality, I recommended him to the Huether planning committee. He delivered the keynote address at Huether on Lasallian spirituality that touched the core of what it means to be truly Lasallian. John has the ability to easily and quickly gain the respect and trust of students and faculty.
— Maryann O’Neil, Principal, Montini Catholic High School, Lombard IL